Policies and support

When you buy goods from OKinaga Vietnam Co., Ltd., you can pay by 2 methods as follows:
- Payment in cash
- Payment by bank transfer

1. Payment in cash
- Payment in cash before delivery: Pay directly at OKinaga Vietnam Co., Ltd. at the address: 210 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. Once you complete the payment, the company's accountant will send the financial invoice back to the customer. Next, the sales staff will guide you on how to deliver the goods.
- Payment in cash at the location of delivery: The customer will pay the delivery staff all or part of the purchase order's value (if the company has paid a deposit in advance). If the delivery location is right at the place of payment, the delivery staff at Okinaga will collect money upon delivery.

2. Transfer payment
Suppose the delivery location is suburban, out-of-province, or the customer requires a transfer. In that case, we will collect 100% of the order value in advance + the freight calculated in the shipping policy by shipping method—payment before delivery.

Note: For the goods and prices to be accurate, immediately after you transfer the money, please fax the payment authorization letter with the bank's stamp of the money transfer so that our sales staff can use it as a basis to keep the goods and the price according to the agreement.

Please get in touch with our company via hotline: 08 9838 9838 - 0905 915 679 for bank account and accurate information!