Policies and support

All products offered at Okinaga are covered by the respective manufacturer's or official distributor's warranties. For your convenience in the warranty of equipment and products purchased at Okinaga, please follow the company's warranty policy below:

1. Warranty conditions
- 12 months warranty for all imported goods and equipment manufactured in stainless steel due to manufacturer's fault. (The product must have a warranty period calculated from the date of purchase indicated on the invoice).
- Warranty products must still have the stamps or necessary documents to certify the products provided by Okinaga and still within the warranty period, the warranty period is counted from the date of equipment installation.

2. Cases not covered by warranty
- Customers arbitrarily peel off the warranty stamp
- No warranty for the product due to problems related to the use process, causing breakage, falling, etc.
- No warranty for problems caused by arbitrarily changing, dismantling, or repairing or caused by power/gas supply problems.
- No warranty for the product in case the customer uses the wrong specifications or does not use it according to the instructions.
- No warranty for damaged products caused by natural factors such as storms, floods, lightning strikes, earthquakes, etc.
- No warranty on damaged products caused by fire, explosion, chemicals, or heat caused by unstable power sources.
Note: The warranty period also terminates immediately when the user of the device or product is found to use spare parts and accessories that are not genuine.

3. Warranty process
- When there is a problem, please contact and report the issue to the warranty centers of Okinaga Vietnam Co., Ltd. Customers can notify by phone, fax, email, etc, to notify and describe in detail the problems encountered by equipment and products.
- The company's customer service staff will confirm the customer's warranty information. Then immediately go to the warranty department.
- The warranty department will perform breakdown analysis or fault prediction. Warranty technicians come to the warranty directly at the customer's address.

Quality criteria from Okinaga:
* Quality products, clear origin.
* Thoughtful delivery and installation consulting service.
* Quick maintenance warranty, genuine parts.
Please get in touch with Okinaga for the best price advice and support.